5 tips for dealing with change at work – or how to get “change happy”

Most people I meet are getting weary of dealing with change

Here’s what some of them say….

  • It happens too often
  • I never get chance to get to grips with a job before it changes again
  • It seems to happen just for change sake
  • I feel overloaded by it all

We dislike change.  But it’s becoming so common that you’d think we’d be used to it by now!

But most of us weren’t brought up to deal with this pace of change. We’re not used to having to adapt quickly and keep our sense of inner peace and calm.  Most change challenges our sense of self and our need for control.

We need a new way of dealing with change; a way to keep us feeling in control.

If change is now coming along so often – then it isn’t really change anymore! – It’s become the NORM because we can expect it to happen.  So let’s learn how to get Change Happy.

To be Change Happy at work we need to:-

1.  Have our own agenda.  We need do a good job by achieving the aims of the organisation that pays us but we also need to have our own plans and personal objectives.  This is so we can….

2. Ask: How can I make this change work for me?  We can be change happy if we can look for the good and opportunity in it .  How are my skills in needed during this change?  How can I get involved in the things I enjoy and do well?  Are there projects I can get involved with to develop my skills? Are there people I can help?

3. Ask: What is this change suggesting about the future?  Ask where you need to adapt now?  Do you need to adapt your approach in order to flow with the change and maintain your inner peace.

4. Look at what is staying the same.  It is so easy to focus on everything that is changing when often 60+% is staying the same. 

5. Ask yourself what is still there for you; that you value.

Over the coming weeks I want to explore other aspects of getting CHANGE HAPPY.  Look out for my next instalment.

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