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A Happy Team means better business – but most organisations get it wrong!

Creating a happy team means creating a better business.  Let’s look at how that works ….and how most organisations go the wrong way about it.

A Happy Team creates better business because:-

1.  A Happy Team gets along with others

  • They create more satisfied customers
  • They create better teamwork so there is less time wasted on disagreements
  • They improves sales by building better relationships

2. A Happy Team solves problems instead of just complaining

When someone doesn’t like their job they moan about every little thing.  Insignificant things become a big deal to them.  They are reluctant to fix something that they feel powerless to change.  Happy people have a “can do” attitude.

3.  A Happy Team is more motivated

They are more productive, have more energy and are therefore more efficient at everything they do. Happy people are less prone to illness and stress.

4. A Happy team is open to new ideas and change

Yes, when someone is happy they can cope with more change, infact they are more open to learning new things at work.

But many organisations get it wrong

They try things to boost people’s motivation such as :-

Aim to pay well – that works for a while and then people take it for granted

Give great benefits – attracts people to you, but doesn’t keep them happy, they still moan

Have flexible working arrangements – yes people appreciate this, but again they start to expect it, so it doesn’t give them the “happiness glow” for long.

If you want your team to really support you in dealing with the demanding, changing economic climate we are all in.

Help them to learn to how be happy

You can’t MAKE them happy, they need to learn to choose to be happy, they have to take responsibility for their own happiness at work.   There are countless things people can do to be happy right where they are …..but THEY have to want to do it for themselves.  

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