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The Happy At Work Seminar

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Never Mind Stress – Let’s create a Happy Team

We hear all the time about the importance of reducing stress at work, and the negative impact it has on the workplace and productivity.  We need to reduce stress, but if we do it by talking about stress all the time all we do is put the focus on something we want to avoid!

Why not put the focus on something we want to create Happiness at work and a Happy TeamClick here to learn more about the Happy at Work Seminar

 The Happy At Work Seminar

“The seminar is really inspiring, and made me see work in a totally different light”
Margaret Haldane – Bradford Junior Chamber

Managing Change – Your Way – Workshop

 Help your team become Change Happy!

Managing ChangeVery few people like change. In fact most people I meet are getting change weary.

What is it they say?

” If you want to successfully implement change – Call it something Else!”

The very word puts people on the defensive.

Change has become so common you’d think everyone would be used to it by now!  But most of us aren’t used to coping with this pace of change.

An organisation needs people to adapt to change quickly, but for many change challenges their need for control.

Organisations tell their team “get involved”, “we want your views” but then circumstances often require change to be just implemented, and the team think “it’s all hogwash they don’t bother what we think”.

So what do we do?  As employers we can’t take change away, so let’s help our team to know how to handle change their way.

Yes – their way!

If they can’t control the change, then let’s at least give them some new ways of thinking to help them get a grip of it in their own way.

If this sounds interesting and you want to make your team change happy

check out Managing Change – Your Way  a course that helps people to become change happy!