Do you think enough of yourself, to be happy at work?

So many people don’t believe it’s possible to Be Happy At Work.  When I tell people the name of my website they say “Oh I like that name …….If only I could be happy!”    But I say Why Not?

Being happy at work is about making a decision.

It is about saying to yourself:-

“Whether I am currently in the job I love right Now or Not,

I am going to do what it takes each day to be happy at work”.

Otherwise I am wasting my life!

You have to decide you DESERVE to be Happy At Work.

I decided to develop this site so that people can have the tools and resources they need to be happy at work.  Because this is what I decided to do when I was 24 and I keep doing it each day.  It’s not something you stop doing and say “I’ve arrived”.  It is a state of mind, a choice!

Making that choice has led me down many paths and the only time I have been unhappy is when I didn’t follow my heart to take actions and think in ways that would keep me happy.

Right now, if you are not happy at work you only have 4 choices to START BEING HAPPY!:-

  1. CHANGE the SITUATION – look to change what’s happening around you and/or
  2. CHANGE YOU – change how you view the job,
  3. ACCEPT the job for the good it gives you, and stop moaning !, or
  4. CHANGE the JOB or CAREER – work for a different organisation or change what you do, step by step over time, if necessary)

I am having fun building up articles to reflect on and respond to the many issues surrounding being happy at work.  The issues I have experienced and the issues of the people I meet in my work.

If you can relate to these thoughts and ideas please check out the other articles and leave me a comment.  Let’s get to know each other.   Happy At Work Articles.

The articles and tools are building up week by week  so keep checking back.  If you Sign up to my mailing list below to I’ll keep you  informed of new articles.

And remember please Be happy At Work

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