Happy At Work Seminar

happy at workNever Mind Stress – Let’s create a Happy Team

We hear all the time about the importance of reducing stress at work, and the negative impact it has on the workplace and productivity.  We need to reduce stress, but if we do it by talking about stress all the time all we do is put the focus on something we want to avoid!

Why not put the focus on something we want to create Happiness at work and a Happy Team

Happy At Work Seminar

This seminar is an inspirational workshop which turns people’s view of work on its’ head.

It challenges our attitude to work and how we influence the kind of day we have.
It helps people to take responsibility for their own fulfilment, thereby impacting on staff retention and most of all, motivation to do a great job.

“Really made me think, and feel inspired to change my own situation. Very thought provoking, a different style of presentation …enjoyed it very much”
Bev Holden – Disney Store”

Very thought provoking, made me examine myself and my priorities and be more appreciative of what I can do”
Hilary Lowther – Inland Revenue

Attendees will:-

  • Identify how to gain more fulfilment from work, right where they are,
  • Question their attitude to daily events and their work,
  • Discover their unique talents, starting to appreciate them and use them more regularly,
  • Discover how they can feel more in control of their job,
  • Learn how to influence situations, to feel more empowered,
  • Develop tools to raise self-worth and self-belief.

This stuff is really flexible, it can be run as:

A 60 minute “Happy Hour” session to boost morale and develop insights.

A 3 hour session – to change thinking and reduce stress.


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for the excellent training.  Everyone really enjoyed it, and liked you very much as a trainer – you made it very interesting and informative.
West Yorkshire Family Mediation Service –  Angela Early – Manager

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I look forward to speaking with you!  Be Happy!!

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